Thursday, 10 May 2012

Openbook Quiz - 2

Challenge yourself here with the following questions. Each question has also the links provided to the text where the possible answer may be found. Please post your answers in the comments. Also please share / circulate this quiz to your contacts over social network, linked in groups, your own blogs etc. to help everybody come close to an opportunity of gathering knowledge.

Question 1 :
The requirement is to provide a form where user will enter a number which is a unique identification for an application the user has submitted to an organization. The application has to pass through various departments, each of which assigns it a status as soon as it has been processed by it. The application form id which the user enters is Primary key of the table wherein its status is updated. Which of the following Indexes will be suitable to process the query fast and efficiently - (You may click on the options to find the properties of each of those option indexes).

 (a) Cluster Index  (b) Descending Index  (c) Bitmap Index  (d) Index Organized Table (IOT)

Question 2 :
A client wants to store multiple addresses for each customer in the database and wants most of the time to list all the addresses of each customer at a time using a query by providing the unique customer id. Which of the following table(s) will be most suitable for this requirement -

(a) Heap Organized Table  (b) Clustered Tables  (c) Nested Table  (d) Object Table

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